About MedlyticsAi


MedlyticsAi is standardizing data for all healthcare systems to enable interoperability in healthcare and precision health. At MedlyticsAi, patients are the center of healthcare. We are here to support the industry’s transition to a value-based-care system.

We’re helping to:

  • bridge the gap between disparate health systems
  • streamline systematic communication of health data
  • achieve better patient outcomes
  • increase human longevity 

The Future of Standards in Healthcare

Our system has the ability to query patient information far faster and much more accurate than any front-end API. This helps physicians reduce the time spent looking at a computer screen. We do the hard work on the back-end, so physicians can do the critical work on the front-end — with patients! We’re helping to provide a high efficacy driven & personalized care approach.

MedlyticsAi’s population health management platform leverages, among other technological innovations:

  • natural language processing
  • natural language understanding
  • machine learning

Our system improves hospital workflow & enables each physician to see, on average, 3 more patients per day (11.4hr work shift). We do this by significantly reducing the time spent on EHR chart review. This also helps to reduce physician burnout.

The ability to transform existing health care data into the new standard (FHIR), will spark innovation and yield better patient outcomes.

Our technology is strategically built to implement and comply with the standards set forth by Health level 7, FHIR v4.0.1, and the US Core Implementation Guide v3.1.0.